FMCG is one of the biggest contributors in our economy and has been very important for us as well. We have provided most suitable products for the needs of the Industry and their customized requirements. FMCG industry has increasingly become complex with fierce competition and the changing needs of the consumers. A greater focus is being put on efficient supply chains and distribution.

More and More companies in this industry are focusing on Automation for their fiercely high speed production lines and processes using high end automation and material handling machines and we are at the helm of providing just that to our clients.

Food Processing

Food Processing industry is witnessing a substantial growth in the segment and is expected to see a similar trend in the future of India. Changing lifestyles and urbanisation is driving this segment. A larger segment of the population is switching to processed and ready to eat food products and the need of the hour in this segment is automation which the manufacturers have welcomed as it greatly reduces the chances of human errors and contamination which is critical to this sector. We have been at the forefront in providing our clients in this sector machines and equipment which are safer to handle naked food products as well as the packed ones.


Pharma sector in India has been one of the largest and the most renowned sector across the globe. It has seen tremendous growth in the past year and India is racing towards the pole position in manufacturing medicines in the world. The Pharmaceutical sector is the most critical sector and we have always taken up the challenge to provide them with the best of the products with our deep-rooted knowledge of the sector. Pharma sector is very close to our hearts as we have started our business with Pharma sector and we closely monitor the needs of the industry and come up with innovative machines and improvements.

In the recent past the rules and regulations have become stricter in the industry and we have improved our manufacturing processes to comply with the regulations.


Dairy sector has been the single largest contributor to our growth after the Pharmaceutical industry and we have always been up for a challenge where even some Multi-National companies had given up. We took up the challenge and we proved ourselves yet again in an industry where we had back then. 6 years hence, now, we are the pioneers of the industry and have provided solutions to major players in the segment like Amul and Nestle. The conditions in the dairy sector are not very good especially when handling Liquid milk and we rose up to the challenge and gave solutions to reduce the manpower and automate the whole process from Empty Crate Incoming till the Truck Loading.


We understand the requirements of the beverage industry be it the Soft drink / juice industry or the Breweries. We provide the best possible solutions to the sector̢۪s needs and we believe in giving the best possible solutions for all the needs. High speed Steel or plastic Chain conveyors, Accumulation conveyors, Spiral conveyors and Incline / Decline conveyors.